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Here in my first post  I am super excited to introduce myself as Jenna Ostrowski, wife to Nick Ostrowski and mama to Harlo and a little one on the way! We can’t wait to find out what we are having! I am truly blessed to have this little family! I have always wanted a blog but didn’t quite know how others would look at it. Truth? I am NOT the greatest writer  but I have A LOT of thoughts and LOTS to share about my life as a mommy! I decided to forget any naysayers and any doubts and begin my blogging journey. So if you don’t like how I write I will be okay 😉

This blog is about motherhood, style, natural living, essential oils and basically the ins and outs of my life and all my important people in it. I want to be able to be here for all of you and be able to be your friend through the messiness we call life.

A little more about me is I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am dedicated to healthy living and maintaining a mostly chemical free life! I don’t live in a bubble or anything! I just make sure I know what I am putting in my body and what I am using in my house! I have been married to my husband Nick for almost 4 years. He is my biggest fan and I am very lucky to have him! I am 18 weeks pregnant and I know I am almost halfway through my pregnancy and you missed it all! Don’t worry I will be posting about the beginning to help fill you all in and get to know me even better!



Harlo my sweet girl is the absolute light of my life. She is two years old and the most spunky, sassy, sneaky, courageous, fearless, caring, and  strong willed girl! My husband and I have very strong personalities so I guess I can expect my kids to be any different! She has helped me pursue my goals and has taught me perfection is not to be attained but to only strive for what Jesus wants of me! IT is totally crazy what little kids can teach without even knowing!



Stay blessed!

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