Baby # 2 here we go!




Finding out we were pregnant again came as a HUGE shock! Okay well we know how babies happen but I didn’t even miss my period when I took my pregnancy test. I initially only took the test to humor my husband because he couldn’t wait for me to get pregnant again. I am always the hesitant, over-thinker. Anyone else like that?

The story goes my husband and I were eating ice cream in the kitchen and I subtly mentioned to him that having peanut butter drizzled on top would be so yummy! Hubby immediately was like what? Take a pregnancy test! I said uh well okay but I haven’t even missed my period yet! I went into the bathroom did my business on the old stick and sure enough in 1 minute not kidding it showed me pregnant! I was in shock! I couldn’t believe it! We were wanting more kiddos just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Wish I had a camera for his face it was classic ‘kid in a candy store’ expression. In a way I felt in denial because it showed ‘pregnant’ so fast, don’t get me wrong I was super excited but also very much nervous. I felt like I was just gettin’ the hang of mommyhood with one kiddo now I am adding another? AM I CRAZY!!! The thought of loving another child as much as my darling little girl just sent waves through me. Many emotions in a short amount of time. Who has felt that? Hoping not just me!


After talking with the hubs that night I was renewed and ready to take on this challenge! Those men just come through for you when you need them the most. That is my fun pregnancy # 2 story, sometimes I wish it was more exciting but all that excitement is being stored in this new little baby!

What are your pregnancy stories?

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