Love for the First Trimester?




Yes everyone can love their first trimester of pregnancy! In all different ways. I am not saying my way works for everyone! I am simply sharing what worked for me and hopefully can help others! I grew to LOVE my first 14 weeks of pregnancy because I prayed and looked to God but also used my heaven sent oils! My first pregnancy I was graced with no idea what morning sickness was! I felt great and just over the moon about being pregnant. This second pregnancy even with my excitement I came down with the so-called ‘dreaded’ morning sickness.

Nausea is one of those things that make you tired and not wanting to handle life. Unfortunately, having a toddler running around I had to find relief like yesterday!  Thankfully, I had essential oils to aid in my nausea! Oils? What? Yes I get that a lot. Essential oils have been a saving grace to my family. I can only toot my horn about 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. I only trust Young Living Essential Oils for my family because of their  Seed to Seal Guarantee . I used YL’s Ginger oil and put it topically on my tummy in a clockwise motion as soon as I felt nausea coming on. I pretty much carried it with me at all times! Inhaling the ginger oil in my hands cupped over my mouth helped immensely too! Aromatic use of oils is wonderful for your limbic system! I don’t want to get too ‘sciency’ with y’all!  I also drank lemon vitality oil and citrus oils in my water and drank that all day! Lemon oil and Citrus oils help the alkalinity of my body and helps vomiting! The fun thing about essential oils is their variety of uses! I started using oils only about a year now! It has been such an interesting year learning what essential oils are and how they can optimize health and wellness from head to toe! It is so fun having them for this pregnancy because I can compare the differences from my last pregnancy! Trust me there has been little and big differences and I will be sharing many more as I progress in my pregnancy!


What other pregnancy posts would you like to see? Who else uses essential oils? If you want to know more about Young Living specifically you can comment your email address below!

I am so blessed to have this little babe growing in my belly. Truly in awe of the miracle of life.

Bumpin’ at 13 weeks!


If interested in getting started with oils look below to read on how to get started with oils in your life!

Getting Started with Oils

Stay Blessed!

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