Long Weekend Highlights

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Some fun photos of our beautiful long weekend – my husband’s 30th birthday, lovin’ on our girls, and enjoying the sunshine.

black mock turtleneck dress

mommy daughter

my- | dress |  shoes |  diaper bag

We spent our Sunday at Church learning about having faith in God no matter what. Learning through God’s words and teachings are giving me a better understanding of motherhood and how I want to raise my girls. I am so blessed to have a lovely church and community. Sidenote- Sunday was very windy so trying to keep my dress down was a challenge! Very comfortable maternity dress from Asos and super affordable! It is under $20 right now 🙂 Continue reading “Long Weekend Highlights”

Baby Girl Bump Update


boho bump chic

Well.. we have hit 23 weeks already! Our little girl is the size of a papaya! How cute is that? I have some exciting news to share we decided to forego the hospital and do a home birth with a midwife this time around! I actually have no dislike of the hospital. My first birth went smoothly, we had wonderful nurses and no complications. I just have researched a little of the protocol for infants in the hospital and reading about certain things that are not necessary that I don’t have a choice in skipping has pushed me the home birth route!  This is completely new territory for me so I will be honest I am nervous. I try to act all nonchalant about it but the nerves are real! I have not had my first appointment with our midwife yet so I am not sure what to expect! How many of my mamas out there had or have a midwife or know someone who has? Continue reading “Baby Girl Bump Update”

Our Big Family Weekend

family weekendGreat memories and chaos were made this weekend! Saturday we had a 5k run for love event at our church! Uhh I’m preggo and not a runner so we walked the 5k run with Harlo in the stroller! My family joined so we had a large group and the weather was absolutely perfect! It is incredible to walk for a good cause! This run was to help support those who are traveling to Nicaragua this year to build a relationship with our church’s partners in La Esmeralda. The missionaries will hold VBS events in the community schools and also provides hygiene packs to the people of La Esmeralda. The hygiene packs are literally our everyday items that I take for granted daily. Continue reading “Our Big Family Weekend”

Spring Romper Season

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Spring Romper

Being pregnant I thought my romper days were over! This fun patterned romper was such a steal at Target and fits my growing belly! Note this is not a maternity romper. I found this in the Junior’s section. There is elastic around the waist to help fit my belly. Rompers scream spring is hear and summer is in the air. This specific romper adds an extra girly flare with the ruffle edge on the leg. Bonus about this romper is it is under $30.. whaaat?  A steal! Continue reading “Spring Romper Season”

Embracing My Mommy Imperfections

RolemodelI love how my fabulous hubby caught our little girl looking up at me. When doing the day to day “mommying” I miss these great ‘MOMents’ that show me what being a mom is all about.  This is the epitomy of motherhood. Harlo will always be looking up to me and always wanting to do what Mommy does. Sometimes the actions are good and sometimes not so good but it is okay. I will never be perfect but I am doing the best job I can. There are so many comparisons in motherhood that it clouds what truly matters. My little girl isn’t looking at other moms she is looking at me, and what I am doing in her life. Now that I have another little girl on the way it is making me dwelve even deeper into how my actions and thoughts affect my girls. Continue reading “Embracing My Mommy Imperfections”

Mother’s Day

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My spectacular Mother’s Day weekend began with finding out the gender of our sweet little babe. We are blessed to be having a healthy baby GIRL!!!! A healthy baby is the ultimate goal for any parent and finding out we are having another little girl is just the icing on the cake. I am one mama who needs to know gender to give more of a personal touch on the pregnancy! I am now able to call her little cupcake, sweet girl, baby girl and so many more obnoxiously adorable names.

Baby girl

Surprise It's a Girl

family of four

Its a girl

my shoes| dress | jacket

hubby   shirt | jeans | sunnies

Harlo  leggings

Continue reading “Mother’s Day”

Trending Gratitude in Honor of Mother’s Day

grateful people are happy“It is not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy”. These words resonated with me today. Now that I am a mother I read deeper into things, look to God more and more, and find strength through soul searching. Continue reading “Trending Gratitude in Honor of Mother’s Day”

Those Rainy Preggo Comfy Days

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rainy day| coffee addict| hunter boots| fashion blog| mom blog| 17 weeks pregnant| pregnancy| bumpchambray shirt |  Hunter boots | fedora|

hunter boots

I am going to be honest and say I am new at blogging and will get into more of a routine posting. Hang in there and I appreciate that you are taking time to read my random thoughts! Well here in Southeastern Wisconsin we have a crazy spring! It is cool and rainy and wearing my Hunter boots on the daily is a must lately. They are so unbelievably comfy especially during my pregnancy but very practical for our rainy weather! Continue reading “Those Rainy Preggo Comfy Days”