Those Rainy Preggo Comfy Days

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I am going to be honest and say I am new at blogging and will get into more of a routine posting. Hang in there and I appreciate that you are taking time to read my random thoughts! Well here in Southeastern Wisconsin we have a crazy spring! It is cool and rainy and wearing my Hunter boots on the daily is a must lately. They are so unbelievably comfy especially during my pregnancy but very practical for our rainy weather!

Being 17 weeks I am nearing the halfway mark and can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going! It may be because I want everything to go slow and really cherish each moment! I always want to write down all my feelings during pregnancy but I just forget. Never wrote down anything with Harlo.  A little sciatic nerve pain on my left side has been  troubling but it must mean little baby is favoring my left side! Feeling those fun kicks! Different than Harlo because I started feeling hers in my belly these kicks are just cute flutters in my lower abdomen!  All the feel of growing a baby is something to marvel.  I am one of those women who LOVE being pregnant and just feel so special and blessed that I get to carry another child. Lil’ cutie is showing a lot earlier than with my first! I feel this babe might be larger than Harlo…Yikes!

peace out first trimesterKeeping the peace around the house with a toddler is challenging! I swear her favorite and only word she says is NO or Nope. Trying to keep my cool so this new little babe doesn’t just hear me losing my patience and yelling. We are all working on little things to help build our family connection. Growing up with a close-knit family is something I cherished and want to carry over to my child raising toolbox! Every day is a work in progress and I am okay with that… Can I get another cup of coffee? he he

What are some of the ways you keep the peace at home?

Any other mamas pregnant with baby #2  and have any advice for me ?

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