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Well.. we have hit 23 weeks already! Our little girl is the size of a papaya! How cute is that? I have some exciting news to share we decided to forego the hospital and do a home birth with a midwife this time around! I actually have no dislike of the hospital. My first birth went smoothly, we had wonderful nurses and no complications. I just have researched a little of the protocol for infants in the hospital and reading about certain things that are not necessary that I don’t have a choice in skipping has pushed me the home birth route!  This is completely new territory for me so I will be honest I am nervous. I try to act all nonchalant about it but the nerves are real! I have not had my first appointment with our midwife yet so I am not sure what to expect! How many of my mamas out there had or have a midwife or know someone who has?

boho chic

My hormones went crazy after the birth of Harlo so this time around I am researching on what natural ways I can help balance my hormones during pregnancy and after. I have been diffusing lots of oils to help with my pregnancy and applying them topically. Seriously loving gentle baby, thieves, lavender, peace and calming II, lemon, grapefruit, and lime  Young Living oils. I love to drink lemon, grapefruit and lime in my water daily! Very refreshing and helps aid my digestion. I alternate the 3 oils each time in my water bottle. Gentle baby I use directly on my belly to help with stretching and also stimulating the bond between my little cupcake and I! Thieves is just a must in my house, between play dates, exploring outside and church daycare we need lots of immune boosting! Lastly, lavender and peace and calming II I am in love with because of how it aides in my sleep! I seriously sleep like a rock, there is no waking me! I diffuse those 2 oils at night almost every night I love to diffuse thieves and peace and calming II because it smells like a chai latte! If you are interested in learning more oily info just comment or I linked all about getting started with Young Living oils here! I would love to chat and help you out:)

Pregnancy cravings have been silly I eat a grapefruit every night not sure why baby girl is wanting the grapefruit. I didn’t eat one grapefruit with Harlo.  Poptarts are another craving for me! Who else liked poptarts during pregnancy?? I eat only organic pop tarts to reduce the amount of overly processed sugars.

I have hit those uncomfortable, bloating, heavy preggo days. Where I feel like I am all swollen and none of my clothes fit! I don’t feel it every day but when I do the struggle is real 😉 It could be a combination though of the heat wave we are getting here in Wisco! It has been 80 degrees this past week and for May suffice it to say is abnormal! I am totally not complaining because I prefer HOT and sunny weather over cloudy and cold. With my first pregnancy I was HUGE during the winter so this time around I will be HUGE in the heat! Any tips on how to keep cool in the heat during the third trimester??

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My outfit details will be linked to another blog post coming soon!

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