Over the Weekend

grocery girlAnother weekend has come and gone. We started our Saturday morning with a trip to the grocery store! We most often shop at our local Woodman’s it has the largest variety of organic foods for our family at a good deal. This week Harlo wanted to take her baby to the store so they both sat in the cart. I see these loving moments of Harlo with her ‘baby’ and it just makes my heart so happy because she is going to be one fabulous BIG sister. Umm, yes my cart is over flowing with groceries 😉 we shop weekly and get that much! Big eaters what can I say!

auntie loveAuntie timebeauty of toddler lifeWe had a sleepover with Auntie Justine Saturday night! We went out to dinner at BlackFinn AmeriPub! It is a newer restaurant in our neck of the woods! They have delicious food and it is louder than an average restaurant which makes it kid friendly in my opinion. No one can hear Harlo scream 😉 Harlo and Justine are inseparable and they know how to find fun in anything and everything! Their smiles are so contagious I love when Justine comes to play with us!

toddler lifeIce cream lovieAfter dinner we hit up Kopps Custard- mama had a preggo craving 😉 seriously addicted to ice cream cones or should I say “custard cones”! The flavor was Wedding Cake! MMMM delish! Harlo would actually lick it- too much cuteness! I know her outfit changed we had a water cup accident in the car and had to change her 😉 Life of a toddler I guess!

story timeStory time with Justine before bed! Snuggle sessions are slim with Harlo but it is a whole different story with Justine!


We love when Nick is home on the weekends that means yummy and cute breakfasts are made! Here is Harlo’s Minnie Mouse pancake he made for her! Yep my hubby rocks:)

church sundaytop knot twinsdaddy daughter loveSunday was filled with hugs, church and shopping for baby sissy’s nursery! We are still figuring out a name for our little munchkin! Not sure if you noticed but Harlo and Justine had matching top knots on Sunday! Day was made! WE love our top knots:)

How was your weekend? Would love to hear about it!


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