Father’s Day Weekend

daddy hugsFather’s Day weekend was fabulous! We spent lots of time with daddy and made sure daddy got lots of hugs and snuggles! Friday we had my mom and sister over for dinner! Harlo loves when her grammy and aunt Justine come over to play.

friends baby shower

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Saturday I went to my friend’s baby shower! She is due with a baby boy a month before me! It’s baby fever around here 😉 She is looking wonderful especially in our hot humid weather we had this weekend! Saturday was also my parent’s 28th wedding anniversary! I love what great role-model’s they are for a great marriage. No marriage is perfect and they make it known that no marriage will be perfect but communication and trust is key and when you have that and a sense of humor you can last forever:) Saturday night, we spent time with Uncle Mike so Harlo could spend some time with her uncle! She just loves her Uncle Mike so much:) We sprang for an unhealthy pizza hut dinner and an ice cream outing at an old fashioned parlour!

daddy and a banana splitHubby is serious about his banana split 😉
ice cream cone loveHarlo and I shared a birthday cake ice cream cone and then I gave the last of my cone for her to hold! Let’s just say she was in HEAVEN 🙂

family quality timeHooray for Uncle Mike and ice cream 🙂 taking a walk
story time with uncle Night time stories with Uncle Mike, of course there was a Barney book and another favorite Moo Baa Laa! Harlo can read along with that one now we have read it so much!

toddler painting

Harlo got daddy a Young Living men’s grooming kit and painted a card for him! trying on uncles shoesHaving a sleepover with her aunt and uncle are great memories that I have as they are my brother and sister but also for Harlo! I am happy that my mom thought up the idea to have monthly sleepovers. Without the sleepovers I don’t think we would spend the bonding time like we should. In the morning when we were getting ready to take Mike home, Harlo didn’t want Uncle Mike to leave so I guess putting on his shoes will stop him 🙂 my silly girl!

family values daddy kisses fathers day daddy daughter happy fathers day family values daddy daughterFather’s day was fun and Nick and I made a point to remember how lucky we are to have great dad’s. I especially have a dad who will do anything for me and when I need help he is there. We at times expect our parents to always be there for us but we need to remember that they don’t have to be but want to be. Now that I am a parent and celebrating my husband for what a great Father he is! Nick can be serious but we are continually working on being intentional parents and just being plain silly with Harlo!

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend 🙂

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