Second Trimester Update

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So now that I hit my third trimester on Saturday I will update y’all on my second trimester! EEk I should be updating better but this pregnancy is just speeding by! I lost track of how many weeks I was and I actually lost a week! This pregnancy has been an average pregnancy for the most part. I had my first midwife appointment on June 8th and baby girl was measuring 25 weeks which I was 25 weeks and 5 days so she is right on track! I am experiencing all the pregnancy norms despite what my pictures show! I am getting those spider veins on my legs, cellulite, and my belly button has popped out around 16 weeks of pregnancy. So now my belly button is like a little tunnel! I also have gained about 15lbs in this trimester and my sciatic nerve still acts up if I have been on my feet longer than usual or if I sit too much 😉

pregnancy chicI have been using Young Living Essential Oils for all those pregnancy norms to help! I use my homemade cream for my stretching belly and thighs! Here is the post about it! I also use Cypress and Lemongrass oil to help with my circulatory system because during pregnancy your blood is closer to the surface and you make more of it! I got started with oils a year ago. Most who haven’t tried oils have no idea what I am talking about but if you are interested in trying oils contact me or go here!

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My shirt is not maternity but I am loving this tank top for my growing bump because it is flowy and so comfy! My jeans are maternity from Motherhood Maternity because during the second trimester my belly has grown faster so stretchy jeans were a must early on! The shoes are one of my favorite pairs because of the comfy style, perfect for any ‘momiform’ 😉 I say scoop these shoes up because they are under $30 !!!!!

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pregnancy with second babyWe have been reading up on how to adjust Harlo to another little baby in the house! At this point in time she is excited for baby sissy and gives her hugs all the time but I feel it could be a difference when there is a baby she has to share mommy and daddy’s attention with. It never hurts to prepare right? 😉

Any of my other mamas finishing out their second trimester? We are still deciding on names for this little baby girl! Promise to keep you all in the loop:)

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