Kale Smoothie Goodness

this post contains affiliate links-view disclosure policy*kale smoothieThis smoothie gives me a boost of energy due to its power packed healthy goodness! I only used kale, banana, Young Living Protein Powder, milk and plain organic Greek yogurt. This smoothie isn’t the sweetest smoothie but gives me the protein and veggies I need to help support my body especially during pregnancy when I have a difficult time eating veggies 😉

Kale Smoothie Recipe



1 1/2 cups Unsweetened Almond Milk 

1 banana

2 scoops Young Living Pure Protein (you can get this through a membership with Young Living or just being a retail customer) Here you can become a member to receive a 24% discount on all YL products and essential oils. Here you can become retail no discount you just simply buy products you would like at full retail price- use my number to sign up (2871161)

3 handfuls organic kale

a splash organic or fresh squeezed orange juice

1 cup organic plain full fat greek yogurt


First I fill the blender pretty much full with Kale- just sort of pack it in there. Then I will put the almond milk in and my splash of orange juice for extra flavor. I will add the yogurt and banana and the protein powder. I then put the cover on and mix it up! Depending if you like your smoothie thick or more watery you can add more milk or even more orange juice! You could even add strawberries to it for a little more zing!

I love being able to add a little of this and that to make something healthy but also taste yummy! I use organic ingredients as much as possible because I want to be sure I am limiting my chemical exposures especially to the heavy pesticides on produce.

Let me know how you enjoy this delicious smoothie!

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