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This post contains affiliate links-view disclosure policy*                               Who has stress? Who needs to de-stress? Okay well everyone has some sort of stress no matter if you are a mama, wife, single, etc. Although, I didn’t always have a good way to naturally decompress and help ease stress in my life. I am very blessed to say oils have truly helped in ALL aspects of my life. Especially being 35 weeks pregnant I want to limit or reduce my stress as much as possible in the most healthy way.De-stress rollonThe oily world opened me up to so many healthy ways to help with the many emotions of motherhood as well as just daily life. These oils are one of a kind and led me to become an oily mama 🙂 I was introduced to Young Living’s blend of Stress Away and this one little oil changed my life! I will use this daily just a few drops on my neck and on my wrists as a perfume! This blend is completely safe for kiddos too! I roll it on Harlo before nap or anytime she is being fussy! For Harlo I pretty much make everything a roll on because it is just so darn easy to roll it on her adorable little feet and body! It is diluted too so it lasts longer that way as well! BONUS 🙂 Young Living has a Stress Away Roll on which is wonderful but I love to make my own roll on’s and thought I would share with you how I make mine 🙂stress away and lavender oilYoung Living essential oils

Interested in getting your hands on some Stress Away? It comes free with Young Living’s starter kit! The starter kit is what gets you a membership into Young Living and 24% off all their products! Here you can get your kit! When you sign up I will send you $25 as a thank you for joining my team and taking the oily plunge 😉 I will also be your resource for all things oily as well as plug you into online resources to help you become an effective oiler 😉 trust me its not hard you just use them 😉

Okay on to how to make my de-stress roll on! It is made up of 3 simple ingredients! Yep 3 – lavender oil, stress away oil and V-6 oil blend.

Lavender oil– I chose to add lavender to give us all an extra boost of relaxation!

Stress Away oil– This is the main oil needed to ease stress and tension friends! smells soooooo yummy! 🙂

V-6 oil blend– This is a carrier oil made up of 6 different fatty oils to help dilute an essential oil when using oils topically and internally. This oil comes in a convenient pump bottle to help make roll on’s super easy to make as well as using a carrier oil with your choice of essential oil. Just pump a drop or two and mix with a few drops of essential oil and rub onto area of concern!

Roll on bottle– this is where I buy my roll ons from! Always use glass bottles the top roller balls can be plastic or you can splurge for the stainless steel 😉 I buy the basic ones because they come in bulk and just give me the ease of using oils with kids 🙂


1.First you take your roll on and put 8 drops of Stress Away in the bottle.

2.Then you put 4 drops of lavender in the bottle.

3.Fill the rest with your V-6 oil- just pump it into the roll on bottle until you reach the top!

4.Put the roll on cap on make sure you hear the click! Put the cap on top and shake up! You are welcome to use any sort of labels you choose and put de-stress blend on the bottle shake and roll on to neck, wrists, baby belly if pregnant, and/or feet!

*For those of you who haven’t heard of essential oils or Young Living essential oils- here is the link to my post all about getting started with oils, how to use them and why Young Living is in my opinion the best company! Again, this is the link to become a Young Living member as stated above!

Enjoy, Relax, and DE-STRESS friends! You will be glad you did!pregnancy de stress

Hope you love the roll on as much as I do! Let me know how you like it 🙂

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