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This post contains affiliate links.                                                                 Being pregnant for the second time I feel more knowledgeable about my choices for this baby! I know what I want for my family.honest diapers I am not a huge reader/researcher but am interested in making smart choices when it comes to my children. When I was pregnant with Harlo we bought all regular baby stuff we saw in stores. We didn’t know to much else. We bought special shampoo, soap and laundry detergent were the big things that got me thinking why a baby couldn’t use the same products we could and why I had to wash everything in a special detergent.

I started researching the ingredients in the mainstream baby products especially diapers and wipes that we started using on baby. I researched why the ingredients were harmful and searched and searched for safe detergents, shampoos, diapers, wipes, creams and cleaners. I found diapers and wipes contained yuckies in them that I really don’t want on baby and baby detergents still contained harmful chemicals. Plastic toys/products for kids to eat and play with are only BPA free but there are so many other harmful chemicals in plastic that just shouldn’t be there. I know many toys aren’t made for kids to chew on them but let’s face it my daughter is two and still finds it fun to suck on a toy every now and then. I wanted to be sure I was giving Harlo the best I could. When Harlo was born we started using this brand of diapers because we thought natural was the safe way to go. When she started getting blisters and redness being only a few days old this alarmed me. I stared researching again and found that even this brand that stated it was natural and supposedly safe for baby really contained most of the same chemicals as a regular diaper. Enter the perfect company who helped me choose safe and chemical free alternatives for Harlo. This is the first company that I felt yes my baby is safe. They weren’t to well known around me 3 years ago. It was solely an online company so I ordered everything that way. As time went on I found various stores like Target and Buy Buy Baby now sells a lot of their products which is a great convenience for me! I use so many different products from them and I believe they are safe for Harlo and this second sweet baby! Honest Company guarantees no harmful chemicals in their products. I currently am using their diapers, wipes, diaper cream, shampoo, sunscreen and lotion on Harlo! I am using their lotion, sunscreen, and deodorant.honest diapering Their diapers have great prints to choose from or you can choose the white option which I think any diaper on a baby is adorable 🙂 Here is a little about the company. I bundle my diapers and wipes which makes it easy and convenient and I never run out! Bundles are an auto ship program so every month I am shipped out 6 bundles and 4 packs of wipes. I am able to choose the prints of my diapers every month on their app and you choose when you want your next shipment! Makes life so much easier for this mama! Now having another on the way I will be getting 2 bundles sent to me! Here is a special code for $20 off and free shipping if you would like to try out their amazing diapers.honest diapershonest diapersdiaper lovesnugglesWhen I change Harlo I like to use a little Lavender oil to help prevent or support diaper rash. The honest healing balm is great but certain times calls for  lavender and coconut oil. Interested in some pure safe lavender essential oil here is how you can get it! I have a blog post here all about essential oils and how they are a lifesaver for our family! You are also welcome to send me an email jennaeostrowski@gmail.com or comment with your questions!lavender oil and honest

The new fall prints  of diapers have arrived and I am so excited to get them on my order! Again this is the code for $20 off your first bundle and free shipping!

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