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Cleaning & sanitizing is my jam! If you ever watched Full House I am a little like Danny Tanner- a clean FREAK!!! 😉thieves household cleaner I enjoy having a clean house and every Sunday Nick and I clean the house together! Don’t I just have an amazing hubby who cleans with me?? Well there are so many options of cleaning products on the market today but since becoming a holistic, natural mama all the cleaning products I used to use were all thrown out after finding out all they were made up of terrible ingredients. Enter this toxin free completely safe all purpose cleaner. Hooray!!! Harlo loves it 🙂hooray for toxin free cleaner

I love finding products that are safe for my family and I can have Harlo around when using them. It literally says on this bottle that if it is ingested just drink lots of water to get the taste out of your mouth! How amazing is that??Thieves cleaner What is this cleaner? well this is an all purpose cleaner- safe to use on windows, any type of floors, carpets, dishwashers, laundry machines, any type of counter, showers/tubs and pretty much everything is how I use it 😉 This is my go-to cleaner I love Thieves essential oil from Young Living so this cleaner smells amazing to me! Very cinnamonesque 😉 Thieves is know for its immune boosting support so I can clean and be germ free all at the same time! BONUS 🙂thieves cleaner

So how to use this cleaner. It comes concentrated and you can use any spray bottle you would like. I recommend this bottle. It is a 160z size and perfect for all around spray cleaning! With this size bottle I use around 1-2 capfuls of the Thieves Household Cleaner and fill the rest of the bottle with filtered/distilled water! My bottle of concentrated cleaner lasts me close to 6 months!!!!! Super great deal 🙂IMG_4403Here is how to get your own thieves cleaner! That link brings you to a membership sign up Young Living Essential Oils. The membership has no minimums to buy every month it gives you a 24% discount on all products! The membership requires a premium starter kit which is explained here in a past blog post all about getting started with oils. If you are seriously interested in this membership and the Thieves cleaner I will give you a FREE THIEVES CLEANER when becoming a member into Young Living! Whoo hoo free stuff! {comment your name in the comment section so I know you were referred from my blog :)}

You can also sign up here to be a retail customer where you have your own account to buy any products you would like from Young Living just at FULL price. You do not purchase a starter kit being a retail customer.

There is also me! If you would just like to try a product or two you are welcome to order solely through me at retail cost and I will ship you the products. You will have no account for Young cleaning Harlo loves to clean too thieves cleaner Hooray toxin free cleaning

Three amazing ways to become chemical free and live a clean life!minted signature blog

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