38 weeks

This post contains affiliate links but all thoughts are 100% me 🙂                 Well I am 38 weeks and in shock that I only have 2 weeks left!baby love Even though with Harlo I actually had 4 weeks left because Harlo was late 😉 We don’t know if this little girl will follow in her footsteps or not! It is just a waiting game now! If you have been following along with this pregnancy you will know that I am not doing a traditional hospital birth. I decided at 20 weeks to go with a midwife! It seemed as though God was pushing me to do a home birth so I obliged 🙂 I totally understand that home birth isn’t for everyone. I was blessed in my first pregnancy with no complications and an excellent no medications or intervention hospital birth. That is why I felt home birth will work for me. I will ask for continued prayers because Nick and I are so excited but we are nervous about having a baby at home and when I say WE I MEAN MEEE!!!mommy hugs momlife 38 weeks pregnant mommying moments          My  top| shorts (similar) | shoes (similar) | hat|  Harlo | shoes         So far with this pregnancy it has been smooth sailing. Of course the minor aches and pains of pregnancy and the true miracle of growing a little life inside of you! I treasure the gift God has blessed me with to be able to carry a child twice! I just want to give a little shout out to my baby daddy! 😉 I have never said that once! Must be in a silly mood! I am extremely lucky to have a supportive hubby! Is it weird to say I am excited to do labor with him! 😉 He just knows how to support and encourage me in that time of need and we grow even closer as couple but also as parents. He just gets me and I know he has my back!!!true love

I have gained about 36lbs which is more than with my first but maybe this baby will be bigger than Harlo was 😉 We still haven’t decided on a name, I told Nick that when I see her face I will just know. I have mentioned this before but I am so nervous about Harlo’s adjustment to this new baby. She loves all things baby, carries her own baby around and feeds her, changes her, and burps her! (seriously the cutest thing ever) The worry of Harlo feeling left out or that I don’t have time for her scares me. I will take any adjustment advice you all can give me. We have been having lots of talks about baby sissy and how mommy will sometimes be busy with the baby but still loves her just the same. We have also mentioned that she can be mommy’s helper and give her an active role in baby sissy’s life will hopefully give a smooth adjustment. I foresee lots of cuddle and snuggle time in mommy’s bed… because life is just better when your snuggling your littles! Am I right? 😉38 week bump mommy's girl Hooray 38 weeksMy shirt| jeans| sandals      Harlo’s top is from the Gap outlet| shoes

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