Halloween Weekend

Happy Halloween sweet friends!Happy HalloweenWe trick or treated our hearts out this weekend! Harlo was Barney the purple dinosaur! This was my sister’s costume and she wore it when she was two! Harlo was over the moon to be Barney! Sutton was a pumpkin! The best part of Sutton’s costume was her stem hat ūüėČ isn’t it just the cutest! Continue reading “Halloween Weekend”

My Zaful Fall Fashion Picks

Happy Weekend friends!

This week went fast but each day seemed to be a little more challenging than the next. I try¬†to keep it together and tell myself that having two kids isn’t a challenge but I am here now saying it is. I love being a mom of two but our balance hasn’t been mastered yet. I hope to resemble some sort of normalcy soon. Harlo is still in the adjustment phase. ¬†I know she loves her sister and is very much involved with¬†helping me take care of her, but her temper is getting the best of her. If any of you have any ideas on how to get a two year old to express their feelings in a healthy way and not swat at me every time I say no to her or when she doesn’t like what I am saying please send them my way! This mom could use it!

I thought I would highlight my fall picks from one of my favorite online clothing store- Zaful! Continue reading “My Zaful Fall Fashion Picks”

Sutton’s Birth Story

fresh 48…and just like that we are a family of four! Quite a miraculous adventure having a child. You grow your sweet babe for 9 months waiting and watching your belly get bigger and bigger. Then one day your body tells you it’s time and your baby is in your arms. Continue reading “Sutton’s Birth Story”

A Tale as Old as Time

song as old as rhyme beauty and the beast…. song from Beauty and the Beast my favorite Disney movie of all time. Very fitting since I am telling ‘our tale’ and later talking about a timepiece that will knock your socks off! First, the man behind all of my pictures, the father to my two beautiful girls¬†and my loving husband of 4 years! Nick is undoubtedly one of a kind! He is a great father and my best friend. Being best friends is what makes our marriage work. Our great friendship has built us that strong foundation that keeps our marriage going strong even when I feel like we are not doing well or those times you feel this isn’t what a marriage is supposed to be. I am going to lay it all out there for you all.¬†MARRIAGE IS REALLY HARD Continue reading “A Tale as Old as Time”

Our Park Weekend

Our little Sutton turned¬†two weeks old this weekend! ¬†I don’t know sometimes I feel life is like a TV show and someone is pressing the fast forward button! As hard as I try to slow time down the faster it seems to go. This weekend we spent mostly at home relaxing and eating ūüėČ Continue reading “Our Park Weekend”

First Week with Our Sweet Sutton

family love-16                 My | plaid shirt, plaid shirt, plaid shirt| shorts| tank

Sutton is seriously cute as a button! We had such an amazing week and weekend snuggling our TWO girls! I cannot believe I have two kiddos. I thoroughly enjoyed having my hubby home for the week as I healed and adjusted to having two kids! Harlo loved having daddy home but she also was more sassy than normal! Continue reading “First Week with Our Sweet Sutton”