First Week with Our Sweet Sutton

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Sutton is seriously cute as a button! We had such an amazing week and weekend snuggling our TWO girls! I cannot believe I have two kiddos. I thoroughly enjoyed having my hubby home for the week as I healed and adjusted to having two kids! Harlo loved having daddy home but she also was more sassy than normal! She thrives on schedule and routine. It is interesting how the second baby just seems to know that there is another child needing love and attention and they seem to just go with the flow! I will take any and all advice on how to help Harlo with her sassy times. We already do timeouts for unacceptable behavior but there are times she laughs when she goes there. Maybe this sassy controlling behavior she is displaying is just her getting the emotions of now being a big sister and having a baby around. She is for the most part kind and loving to Sutton, she is always wanting to hold her and kiss her which is a mama heart melting moment all in itself. It is a definite challenge to get out of the house now with two 😉 I find it easier to just stay home and we take a walk to get outside. That outside air is soooooo good for the soul!kite flying-16 playing outside-16 love you sister-16 family walk-16

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Sutton is a wonderful baby, so far she sleeps and eats and poops 😉 She is a POOPER! In shock of how many times she goes! I am thinking that might even out once she gets herself on a nursing schedule and my milk regulates to how much she needs! Sutton had her first doctor and chiropractic appointment on Friday! She was of course an angel through it all! She gained an ounce and a half since birth 😉 my chunky monkey! She never lost weight because my milk came in right away this time around!

Harlo had lots of fun playing with daddy at the park and outside on our little playset! It was nice to have a little alone time with Sutton while Harlo was being entertained 🙂 Harlo got a step stool this weekend so she can help change Sutton’s diaper and wash her own hands! Who knew a step stool would make her so happy! The independence runs strong in this family 🙂 Saturday we celebrated Sutton being a week old with some donuts for breakfast and had family visit to meet Sutton! My loving husband made us a yummy Pumpkin French Toast breakfast and it was so delicious I will be sharing the recipe in a separate blog post! Trust me it is YUMMY 🙂brushing teeth-16snuggling sister-16sutton 1 week-16 sister love-16donuts for sutton 1 week old-16pumpkin french toast Daddys' girls-16

I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who wished us well on the birth of Sutton! We are so appreciative to those who came to visit and remembered to give Harlo love while soaking up all that newborn goodness!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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