A Tale as Old as Time

song as old as rhyme beauty and the beast…. song from Beauty and the Beast my favorite Disney movie of all time. Very fitting since I am telling ‘our tale’ and later talking about a timepiece that will knock your socks off! First, the man behind all of my pictures, the father to my two beautiful girls and my loving husband of 4 years! Nick is undoubtedly one of a kind! He is a great father and my best friend. Being best friends is what makes our marriage work. Our great friendship has built us that strong foundation that keeps our marriage going strong even when I feel like we are not doing well or those times you feel this isn’t what a marriage is supposed to be. I am going to lay it all out there for you all. MARRIAGE IS REALLY HARD and something we work to make better every day. I put a huge importance on communication and trust. Nick is loving and we are still working on communication, and really listening to what each other is saying not just pretend listening.  When Nick puts his mind to something he makes it happen. I say he can perform miracles when it comes to any and all ‘handy man’, construction,plumbing and remodeling work! He is a plumber by trade but seriously you guys he does it all and LOVES it all! He is a slight workaholic and yeah we all have things to work on but when you have a passion for your job like he does and every morning you are excited to go to work you know you are doing what you were meant to do! That is how I feel when I became a mother but that is for a whole different post! We are talking about Nick in this one gosh I get a little to focused on me sometimes 😉 Nick is my family man, because even when I think he makes himself too busy to be around us and that we would rather just work he will surprise me by cooking or family dinner in which we all sit together at the table and talk. This my friends is what dreams were made of! When I watch him play with Harlo outside and make up fun games in the yard it reminds me of my childhood with my dad. As I write this I am tearing up because I will complain so much that he is always working but when you get down to the nitty gritty he makes it possible for me to stay home with my girls and raise the next generation! (most important job I could ever do!)  Lately, when Harlo plays outside her favorite thing is to kick a ball around the yard -like soccer 😉 but before she lays down for nap sometimes she will say ‘mama, kick ball around outside, daddy home’ , mama go park with daddy. She looks forward to her daddy coming home and playing with her. It just makes my heart melt,  the bond they share when I am worrying they aren’t bonding enough because Nick gets home so late most nights and works Saturdays. My mom has always said it isn’t about quantity Jenna it’s quality and she couldn’t be more right. When you make time with your kids you have to make the most of the moment you are with them, no distractions or other conversations. Just you and your child to listen to them, learn about them, and simply have fun with them. That is what counts!my family man
When I met Nick he had a style all his own.  He would pick me up for dates and he would be dressed mighty fine! I remember one time he came over to pick me up and I was wearing sweats and he said ‘you are going out like that?’ oh yeah he said that! I couldn’t believe it, but now that I think back I LOVE that he is into fashion and style like me -just not that day. As we were together longer I think he just got lazy because he stopped dressing so nice and just wanting me to pick out his clothes for different occasions, date nights, etc,. My control freak side loved this because I was in control of what he wore, now that I began this blog and am pursuing my love of fashion he has opened up that side of him and we shop together and he enjoys picking out the latest trends in Men’s fashion. I am all into it because he does have an eye for what looks good! I mean look at him in these pics? HOT Daddy alert! I could be biased though 😉 One accessory that he always needs is a good watch! It was actually my first gift to him when we started dating 😉 #allthehearteyes So when Jord Wood Watches contacted me and wanted to collaborate with us I was over the moon excited because I knew Nick would be up for the collab since watches are his favorite accessory! Jord Wood Watches are one of a kind timepieces made with wood. A truly exquisite high quality watch. Perfect for everyone but especially us being parents we ALWAYS need to know the time, whether its how long you have been playing at the park,  nursing schedules, nap time, or those favorite time outs. I don’t know about your kids but Harlo gets many and we time them for her age. Nick loves having his new JORD because he likes having unique statement pieces. All the JORD watches are transitional for all seasons and pair so well with all Men’s clothing styles: a plaid shirt, a dress shirt, a casual shirt or a cozy sweater. I love that Nick always wants to wear a watch so he doesn’t have to bring his phone out to check the time. Less phone use the better! We decided when we had kids that we don’t want them seeing us on our technology all the time (texting mainly). We want our girls to grow up like we did as kids playing and using our imaginations to play. They are growing up in a technologically advanced world so it is inevitable they will not use phones, iPADS, etc., just for now we want to limit it so their imaginations can take flight 🙂JORD Wood Watch JORD Wood Watch Style your JORD JORD wood watch JORD wood watch JORD wood watch style your JORD Wood Watch JORD Wood Watch Daddy JORD Wood Watch Style your JORD Wood Watch daddy's who love JORD wood watch JORD Wood Watch Style the JORD wood watch JORD Wood Watch

This is the watch Nick is wearing, they have so many beautiful styles for Men and Women! Since the holidays are around the corner I had to shop their styles for Women and they have so many beauts! Currently hinting to the hubs that it would make a great Christmas gift 😉

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Easy peasy 😉

Hope you enjoyed reading about Nick, my husband  & my family man.

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This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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