Sutton’s Birth Story

fresh 48…and just like that we are a family of four! Quite a miraculous adventure having a child. You grow your sweet babe for 9 months waiting and watching your belly get bigger and bigger. Then one day your body tells you it’s time and your baby is in your arms. It has been THREE joyous weeks with our little Sutton Sylvia and I am still in shock that I have her in my arms. I keep thinking back to the day before she was born. I didn’t do anything different or out of the ordinary! My body was just ready or Sutton was ready to greet the world! However, I had something telling me to have a date night in with the hubby that Friday night 😉 After putting Harlo to bed I told him lets watch a movie! We watched Cinderella the one that came out recently…side-note…super duper great a must see!! I loved the message that was presented throughout- Always have courage and be kind- a message I will be sharing with my two girlies! Plus what a cute pre-cursor to little Sutton’s birth? Well so that was our Friday night. The next morning I woke up around 9am and felt slight cramping and thought today could be baby day. I probably wouldn’t have thought that if I wasn’t a week late already 😉 I went out to the garage to tell Nick and of course he is already out working, he took apart his entire work van and wanted to reorganize. I go out and tell him I think today is baby day! He was like ” WHAAAT? I thought if I were to take my whole van apart you would go into labor” ha ha so he started packing up what he could. I decided it would be a good idea to start folding laundry because in my head if I do have this baby I don’t want a ton of laundry hanging over my head 😉 #momlife #nestingfresh 48 fresh 48-16 sutton fresh 48

Harlo gets up shortly after and we don’t tell her whats going on, but that she is going to have a little slumber party with her auntie la la and uncle Steffen! Around 10am we have breakfast with a heating pad on my lower abdomen.  I am now feeling sharper cramps (contractions) every 2-3 minutes and they are lasting for a minute or so! I call my midwife (Deb Studey- Conscious Beginnings) because it seems today will FOR SURE be baby day. As you can tell I am in denial of what is going on! ha ha Deb wants to know all details and if she should head over to the house. (Remember I am doing a home birth) She decides she is coming probably hearing my denial in my voice thinks yeah she is going to have this baby with or without me I have to go! In my head I am just comparing my labor to Harlo’s which took 13 hours so I am thinking this labor will be near the same maybe a little shorter because it is the second child! At 11:30 my water broke, Nick had already taken Harlo to the park to play, we had nothing set up for this baby girl to come. I call him…get home now! We are then calling my sister to come as quick as she can to pick Harlo up. After my water broke, Deb called telling me where she was and wanted to know how I was doing. I remember her saying go into the tub and relax, I had to tell her my water broke and immediately she told me to lay down and to do a breathing technique to keep me from having the urge to push. My thoughts were WHATTT!!! this baby is coming already? OMG its too fast! She can’t come yet! Nick got home set up our bed with Deb giving him instructions over the phone. Deb arrived around 12:08pm just as I was getting the super heavy contractions to push. Guys, I wasn’t about to push without Deb so I just kept doing her breathing technique to slow it down! I am a little fearful of pain and I knew the pushing is painful so I wasn’t about to rush the process! Being in my bedroom helped to put my mind at ease and focus on this little girl that was going to make her arrival.  During labor Deb and the other assisting midwife Erin O’day told me I was laughing and I just looked like it was a joyful time. Now that I think back it was such a beautiful time for me. Even though the pain wasn’t something I wanted to endure the end result meeting my sweet babe was just so exciting it gave me this wave of ‘chillness’ (that’s the only way I can describe it) over me and I felt empowered, strong, beautiful and proud that I was bringing our little girl into this world naturally. Sutton Sylvia arrived at 1:33 pm safely at 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long! She came out with rolls guys!! My big precious healthy baby girl! 😉 Labor and Delivery under 5 hours?? Yeah safe to say we didn’t have anything prepped or ready- Sutton we had no idea you were coming so fast and furious 😉

Within 7 minutes of delivery, during our skin to skin contact she already latched and started nursing like a champ! All that work she was starved 🙂 The moment she came into my arms is that special mama moment almost like God giving me that “way to go” you created a child of God! It is just a miraculous feeling labor and delivery gave me. I am so blessed and thankful to be able to carry and deliver a child not just once but twice! I can not say enough great things about Midwifery and home birth! We actually enjoyed every aspect of labor and delivery and Nick was able to be hands on and deliver our little girl! Home birth isn’t for everyone and I totally understand the need for medical interventions or those who solely will only do hospital births. This worked for me and my family. If you or someone you know is looking into having a midwife I would be happy to answer any and all questions! If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin and our looking for a midwife I recommend Deb Studey- info linked here and Erin O’ Day- info linked here I cannot thank these lovely ladies for providing me my dream birth and especially Deb for her support and encouragement throughout my pregnancy 🙂

fresh 48-16fresh 48-16
fresh 48-16  fresh 48-16 fresh 48-16 baby toes-16baby feet-16fresh 48-16 sutton-16 fresh 48-16
sutton sylvia-16
family of four-16 Harlo’s first time meeting her sister 🙂
sibling's first meeting   Adoring her sister <3Born at Homemidwife Deb Studey-16 My beautiful and lovely Midwife- Deb 🙂first moments-16The beautiful after labor moment with my sweet girl! Sutton you and your sister are my happily ever after 🙂

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