Sutton is One Month

Happy 1 month Sutton! You make our hearts happy with your smiles and coos! Ahhh I wanted to make this post earlier because Sutton turned a month on October 24th but I am going to say life just took over and it didn’t happen. Glass half full side- I am posting this before she turns 2 months 😉sutton 1 month

Our first month with Sutton has been full of happiness but lots and lots of adjusting for everyone. For me I am adjusting to having two kids, giving each love and affection separately and together. Pretty much the balance of two kids and being sure no one is left out. Harlo has been pretty good- she is only 2 so I give hers a break on some of her behavior but I am going to be honest it got a little hairy there for a few weeks. I actually went to my doctor to ask for advice because Harlo was getting too violent and even more sassy than before. Of course after I talked to the doctor and probably freaked him she got better. We are working with Harlo to express her feelings in a healthy way and it is okay if you say ‘mommy I am angry, or I am mad you won’t play with me’ those words will be hard for me to hear but I prefer Harlo to say them versus hitting or being to rough with Sutton. I know she loves Sutton because I can see the bond growing day after day. If anyone has tips on helping the 1-2 kid adjustment and if any of your kiddos hit and screamed at you. What did you do??

So for a month I feel it has just been adjusting. Sutton weighs 10lbs 6oz and 22 inches long! She is in the 50th percentile for weight and height! Perfect because my doctor said the weight and height should follow the same pattern! I would love to give you a sample schedule of our day but it isn’t one of the best lol! I never had Harlo on a schedule and I am finding it hard to make a schedule for Sutton. Here is her day for the most part:

8am- wake up

9am- nursing (both sides)

10am-12pm on and off sleeping. We normally take a walk, play outside (sutton naps for all of this)

1230ish she will normally wake up and sometimes its later too.

100ish is when she will nurse while I finish up with Harlo’s lunch then I will give her the second side while I read books to Harlo.

She falls asleep but always wakes up after 20-30 minutes and then I usually use this time as my one on one with Sutton because Harlo is sleeping normally until 4pm.

Sutton will sometimes fall asleep again for another 30 minute cat nap.

I feel once 4 hits she stays up unless I take her for another walk then she sleeps in the stroller. As soon as the motion is gone she wakes up again!

6-8pm is Sutton’s witching hour she will just cry and want to cluster feed. At this point in time I just give in to the cluster feeding because it helps relax her. I will use lavender in her diffuser around this time to help her fall asleep. I rub lavender on her if it is a real fussy night. Our doctor gave us Chamomilla to help her fussy times too! It is a natural homeopathic recipe! Here is the link to check out the website:

830pm is now when she has been falling asleep on the boob 😉 From birth- 4 weeks she would wake at 11pm to eat and again at 230am.

530-6am she wakes up again to eat! I put her back to bed and she wakes again at 8am!

hmm now that I wrote out what we do everyday it sounds like a pretty good schedule!!

Enjoy the baby spam 🙂sutton 1 week sutton 2 weeks sutton 3 weeks sutton 4 weeks sutton one month

Stay blessed friends,

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