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TheCrunchyMamaBear skincareMany of you know I am a believer in all things non toxic and stay away from heavily chemical products.  I found a mama’s etsy shop dedicated to making all organic yummy skincare! She is a mama on a mission to help bring natural non toxic products to help your family live a healthier life. I had to connect with this mama because of my passion for health and wellness. When it comes to skin care products I choose natural because your skin is your largest organ and it is vital you treat it with love and care. TheCrunchyMamaBear products provides quality and non toxic! Currently I use the Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser, Facial Serum, Pumpkin and Oats Face mask!

Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser– This cleanser smells heavenly because of the Orange Essential oil. This removes make-up, dirt and anything else on your face  without stripping the skin. Ingredients are Organic Chamomile, Organic Castille Soap, Raw local Honey, and the Orange Essential oil!

Facial Serum-This serum is made up of organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, organic cold pressed carrot seed oil, and pure therapeutic Frankincense, Patchoulli, and Lavender essential oils. These ingredients heal and hydrate your skin leaving you radiant without that greasy feeling.

Pumpkin and Oats Mask– When you receive this mask you get a generous amount of raw local honey to mix with your dried pumpkin and oats! This mask will make you feel like a new person and helps to target blemishes and other skin issues by leaving it hydrated and soft! I love the way this mask makes me feel like I really cleaned my skin without adding yucky chemicals to it! TheCrunchyMamaBear skincare TheCrunchyMamaBear skincare TheCrunchyMamaBear skincare TheCrunchyMamaBear skincare

I definitely would give this shop a look especially for your loved ones this holiday season- great stocking stuffers too!

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