A Sweater and Hat Look

Happy Tuesday!

Did St. Nick come? Did you use stockings or shoes? We used stockings and the girls made a haul! They must have been VERY good little girls because St. Nick left lots of goodies for her and Sutton! Smiley Sutton didn’t know what was going on but big sister Harlo helped her out- we call her that because all you have to do is look at her and she gives you the biggest smile EVER 🙂  Yesterday was full of snow fun, late naps and pancakes for dinner thanks to my man! Check out my casual cozy look below!cowl neck sweater and denim Continue reading “A Sweater and Hat Look”

Our First Snow

Our first snow has arrived! Most find it magical and exciting… well I find it cold and wet! I guess it’s pretty & magical if I’m cozy on the couch and sipping hot cocoa.  Although, watching Harlo dance around and sing it’s snowing, it’s snowing song from Barney outside in the snow made me look at the snow in a different way!weekends with the ostrowskis Continue reading “Our First Snow”

Cowl Neck and Stripes

Happy Saturday Friends!

Today we went out for Breakfast with Santa and this year was the first year that Harlo sat on Santa’s lap and didn’t cry! Not saying she was super thrilled though! No smiling she was still a little unsure but the memories each year are so much fun! Sutton was sleeping so we didn’t want to wake her up to sit her on Santa’s lap – figured that would turn into a scream fest! We are now going to a local Christmas festival! We are taking my younger sister along with us! Bundling up and walking around looking at Christmas lights and a tree lighting reminds me of something straight out of a Hallmark movie! I am a cheese ball and love all those movies and this magical time of year! 🙂

Today I decided to wear a cowl neck sweater to keep me warm tonight! The cowl neck works great as a cute scarf to keep my neck warm and I paired the sweater with some moto leggings! All details are linked below 😉
cowl neck and stripes Continue reading “Cowl Neck and Stripes”

What’s for Dinner?

Happy Friday Lovelies!

This week I thought would go slow being that it came after a Holiday weekend but alas another week gone! Once Thanksgiving is over time goes even faster for me because of all the holiday fun I want to jam into one month! I don’t want to get all holiday crazy so my goal this season is to remember the true meaning of the Season. Now being a mom of two I have been finding it hard to do all the things I use to do. Once you have two kids you realize how much more time you had when there was just one 😉 I am now trying to find simpler ways to do things to allow me more time with my girls! Motherhood is a balancing act and most days I feel I am conquering it and then dinner hour comes and I feel defeated again. What am I going to make? Do I have all my ingredients?

Enter Hello Fresh!Hello Fresh Review Continue reading “What’s for Dinner?”