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One of my favorite past times is drinking coffee but I have to limit due to nursing. I am working on losing my baby weight! I am taking it slow and in no hurry. I was asked to partner with Skinny Coffee Club at first I was skeptical. 

Losing weight and drinking coffee it’s a real thing! I was a little skeptical about Skinny coffee club and the idea of losing weight after drinking a cup of coffee for 28 days. This coffee has been reformulated to help burn fat & boost antioxidants. The ingredients are all organic and vegan with no harmful chemicals! When I read this I was excited to give it a try! This coffee contains caffeine so it has given me a boost of energy along with boosting my metabolism. The 28 program requires you to drink one cup a day and recommended to not use creamer or sugar.

Skinny Coffee contains Ground coffee, Ground green coffee, Siberian Ginseng, Spirulina, Green tea extract, and Garcinia Cambogia all ingredients are organic and vegan as mentioned above.

My results were not as exciting as some other testimonies but I plan to try it for another 28 days to see if I see any more results. I will also blog about my results the second time around for all of you who are interested! My first 28 day cycle I lost 2 inches and  1 lb in the 28 days! I thought it tasted great with no cream or sugar!  On the packaging it recommends  using a french press to make it . I had not known that so I borrowed my sisters but it which worked great! I recommend trying this if coffee is your thing! I have a code to save 20% off your order plus free shipping worldwide if interested in trying Skinny Coffee Club for yourself!


Also please comment or tag me in your IG results post so we can share in our successes together!

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4 thoughts on “Skinny Coffee Club Review

    1. I was so happy with it I am doing another 28 days! I recommend after pregnancy Casey and thanks for reading!

    1. I was skeptical at first but after reading about the ingredients and trying it for the 28 days I am hooked! So great especially after baby!!


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