Jeans Shipped to Your Door-featuring Eujeanco

Jean shopping can be tough when trying to find the right size of jeans especially when every brand runs differently. Eujeanco is a company that ships you five hand selected pairs of  jeans to you based on the information you give them. You first fill out a jean curator quiz to help them understand your style. Step 2 Eujeanco sends you five 5 pairs based on your style with no subscription needed. Step 3  you try your jeans on in the comfort of your own home and lighting! (lets face it those fitting room lights just are not flattering 😉 if you love the jeans you keep them all if you don’t need or want them you send those pairs back.   Continue reading “Jeans Shipped to Your Door-featuring Eujeanco”

Striped OTS ft. Pink Blush

I believe we have finally hit Spring weather here. No matter where you live off the shoulder tops can be a go to. I gave my look a little bit more date vibes with my heels. Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for all things off the shoulder! When I saw this Blue Striped Tie Front Off the Shoulder top I was sold! I love the thin stripes and it pairs well with so many things! Check below for sizing and where to get this top.

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Personalized Art featuring Paperramma

Decorating Harlow’s new big girl room has been taking us a year to finish! When she was a baby we had a Lion King theme for her because I couldn’t resist those cute lions! We had a sage green paint color. When I was pregnant with Sutton we decided to move Harlow to our office and Sutton would then take Harlow’s nursery. Harlow picked purple for her new room because Barney is purple and she loves her Barney! We chose a lavender type purple because it was more subtle than a dark purple! I am still slowly adding finishing touches to her walls. My newest piece is a 3 set canvas from PaperRammaContinue reading “Personalized Art featuring Paperramma”

Spring & Lace Details

White and lace are my favorite this season. White goes with everything and lace just brings a delicacy and romantic vibe to any outfit! I got this top at the big ShopBop’s sale and so happy I did. Also happy I was able to wear a crop top 6 month postpartum!


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Life Update & Must Have: Lorena Canals Rugs

Playing with my little girl is always an adventure. She turned 6 months three weeks ago and since then she has learned to roll over and is almost sitting on her own. She is eating solid foods once a day at dinner with all of us! Sutton has tried broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, banana and egg yolk. I have a specific sheet that tells me what foods to introduce to due babies tummies and how they digest food. If interested I will definitely blog about it! Sutton has been a low key go with the flow baby! She enjoys rolling around and trying to eat all of the books in her path. Continue reading “Life Update & Must Have: Lorena Canals Rugs”

Must Haves for Baby Sleep: ft. DockAtot

Sleep is one word most people love to hear! Unless you’re a toddler then sleep is the worst word in the world! As new moms most of us prepare for sleepless nights and sometimes sleepless days if you have a baby that won’t nap. I was blessed when Harlow was born because she loved sleep and taking naps. Sutton is finally getting the hang of sleeping through the night! Thank goodness! Now if only I could get to bed at a decent time I wouldn’t be so tired in the morning. Sutton isn’t  a fan of naps. She will sleep about 40 minutes maybe an hour twice a day if I am lucky! In this post I am sharing why I love the DockAtot and how I get Sutton to nap.  Continue reading “Must Haves for Baby Sleep: ft. DockAtot”

Stripes & Ruffles

Well ladies we still haven’t had warm weather or spring like weather! So layering is what I have been doing a lot lately. When I find some great pieces I try to see how I can layer them together. All the pieces I am wearing are all separate. Whether you are in a warm climate or cold this look can be for you with some modifications.

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