Must Haves for Baby Sleep: ft. DockAtot

Sleep is one word most people love to hear! Unless you’re a toddler then sleep is the worst word in the world! As new moms most of us prepare for sleepless nights and sometimes sleepless days if you have a baby that won’t nap. I was blessed when Harlow was born because she loved sleep and taking naps. Sutton is finally getting the hang of sleeping through the night! Thank goodness! Now if only I could get to bed at a decent time I wouldn’t be so tired in the morning. Sutton isn’t  a fan of naps. She will sleep about 40 minutes maybe an hour twice a day if I am lucky! In this post I am sharing why I love the DockAtot and how I get Sutton to nap. 

  My experience with DockAtot has been nothing short of amazing! It is something I recommend to new moms! Most people have heard of it and some have seen it but not sure what makes it so special. I am here to tell you it is worth every penny! The DockAtot is a portable sleep dock for your baby! It has cushion sides around and clips at the bottom to close baby in. When baby starts growing out you can un-clip the bottom so baby has more room to move his/her legs. It has handles on the side and top for easy portability around the house. My favorite place to use the DockAtot is in bed with me! Sutton will sleep there if I just want to catch a few more zzz’s in the early morning. It is a safe alternative in my opinion then having her sleep next to me in the bed. Sutton loves playing in because she can be wherever I am, but also has her own space to play with toys or her feet! The higher cushiony sides  help aid in tummy time for your baby! Tummy time is important for proper development of your baby’s spine as well as aiding in the development of scooting/ crawling. I also use my DockAtot for Sutton as a safe place to put her when I am needed by Harlow.

Sutton is pictured in the Deluxe Pristine White DockAtot. It is for ages birth-8months and comes in a variety of colors/designs. They are designed in Sweden and made in Europe. All materials that make up the DockAtot are non toxic and provide great air permeability. I feel you could even squeeze a little more time in the deluxe past 8 months depending on the size of your baby! DockAtot has the Grand which is for 9 months- 3 years. The Grand you are able to use in cribs to help transition your child into his/her  toddler bed. The portability of the DockAtot makes it easy for all mamas to move your baby around the house with ease.

Sutton’s sleep schedule has finally gotten better when she turned 6 months! She just started sleeping from 8pm until about 5 or 6 am which for me is nothing short of fabulous! If only I would go to bed a little earlier! Sutton will take two naps during the day usually between 9-11am and 130- 4pm. Normally only an hour each time! She will either sleep in the DockAtot  or crib but I only use the DockAtot for naps. At night time we have her sleep in her crib. I put on her sound machine and keep it on for the entire time she is sleeping! I use to put it on a timer for 15 minutes then would turn off but I noticed as soon as the white noise stopped she would wake up. Now I just put the rain option on as I sing to her and then always put her to sleep awake.  I have gotten some great tips on sleep from my friend Lauren at (@sleepandthecity) on Instagram. Lauren is a certified baby and toddler sleep specialist for children 0-6 years of age! So basically a sleep guru who is just the sweetest. She will help you with any issues you may have with getting your sweet babe to sleep! If you need some help or have questions she is definitely the person to talk to! She also highly recommends a DockAtot too!


xo Jenna

Thanks DockAtot for sponsoring this post!

3 thoughts on “Must Haves for Baby Sleep: ft. DockAtot

  1. Sutton is just so precious! How do you get anything done? I would just want to love on her all day. So impressed with you! Thank you for sharing your review! I’ve been wondering about it for a while. I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

  2. I have heard so many good things about DockaDot, it’s just a little rich for my blood. But I feel you on the sleep problems. Reese once asleep can sleep for a couple of hours, but she is struggling to nap during the day. I would love to have a portable thing like this to take her around if she is going to stay awake then I can attend to her.

    p.s. Sutton is so adorable!

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