Life Update & Must Have: Lorena Canals Rugs

Playing with my little girl is always an adventure. She turned 6 months three weeks ago and since then she has learned to roll over and is almost sitting on her own. She is eating solid foods once a day at dinner with all of us! Sutton has tried broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, banana and egg yolk. I have a specific sheet that tells me what foods to introduce to due babies tummies and how they digest food. If interested I will definitely blog about it! Sutton has been a low key go with the flow baby! She enjoys rolling around and trying to eat all of the books in her path.

Since I became a mom non-toxic everything has been most important to me! When Lorena Canals reached out I was so excited! Their rugs are handmade and completely non-toxic! I chose the lace rug because it gives a romantic vibe & I love the intricate lace cutouts! I chose the Ice color over beige thinking it would be more gray than blue. This rug is light blue- oops! It  is Sutton’s pop of color for her nursery! Aside from the color, the rug is amazing quality and give the perfect femininity I was searching for! Lorena Canals is also known for their washable factor, and I was all over that. I can put the whole rug in my wash machine! How fantastic is that? You need this type of rug in a nursery because throw up, spit up, and poop happens! Lorena Canals just launched new patterns and every rug is made with love!

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