Jeans Shipped to Your Door-featuring Eujeanco

Jean shopping can be tough when trying to find the right size of jeans especially when every brand runs differently. Eujeanco is a company that ships you five hand selected pairs of  jeans to you based on the information you give them. You first fill out a jean curator quiz to help them understand your style. Step 2 Eujeanco sends you five 5 pairs based on your style with no subscription needed. Step 3  you try your jeans on in the comfort of your own home and lighting! (lets face it those fitting room lights just are not flattering 😉 if you love the jeans you keep them all if you don’t need or want them you send those pairs back.  

There is a $25 curator fee that is credited toward your account once you receive the jeans. Eujeanco sends you a prepaid label and bag to send back the jeans you don’t want. The jeans you decide to keep will be credited to your account and if you keep 2 or more you get 15% off your entire purchase! I decided to keep my super skinny straight leg boyfriend style jeans by DEX. The size I received on the jeans were a bit larger than I would have liked so I chose the boyfriend fit pair. I like my boyfriend style jeans to fit a little looser. I am happy with my experience with Eujeanco! I will be ordering from them again!

xo Jenna


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