Life Update & Must Have: Lorena Canals Rugs

Playing with my little girl is always an adventure. She turned 6 months three weeks ago and since then she has learned to roll over and is almost sitting on her own. She is eating solid foods once a day at dinner with all of us! Sutton has tried broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, banana and egg yolk. I have a specific sheet that tells me what foods to introduce to due babies tummies and how they digest food. If interested I will definitely blog about it! Sutton has been a low key go with the flow baby! She enjoys rolling around and trying to eat all of the books in her path. Continue reading “Life Update & Must Have: Lorena Canals Rugs”

Must Haves for Baby Sleep: ft. DockAtot

Sleep is one word most people love to hear! Unless you’re a toddler then sleep is the worst word in the world! As new moms most of us prepare for sleepless nights and sometimes sleepless days if you have a baby that won’t nap. I was blessed when Harlow was born because she loved sleep and taking naps. Sutton is finally getting the hang of sleeping through the night! Thank goodness! Now if only I could get to bed at a decent time I wouldn’t be so tired in the morning. Sutton isn’t  a fan of naps. She will sleep about 40 minutes maybe an hour twice a day if I am lucky! In this post I am sharing why I love the DockAtot and how I get Sutton to nap.  Continue reading “Must Haves for Baby Sleep: ft. DockAtot”

Blanqi-Yummy Postpartum leggings

As a mama I wear comfortable clothing on the daily. I wear leggings pretty much everyday! Since having Sutton I have needed some core support! I am wearing core supported leggings from Blanqi! Now that I have these leggings I am going to say Blanqi is a lifesaver for all mamas! Blanqi collaborated with me on their high waist postpartum leggings. Continue reading “Blanqi-Yummy Postpartum leggings”

Make My Belly Fit

I enjoy going for walks with my sweet babes but here in the midwest you never know what the weather will bring. I was thinking of buying a new winter maternity jacket because I thought it would be perfect for carrying Sutton outside. I love wearing Sutton but when it is cold I need to wrap her in a million blankets so she stays warm. Until I found Make My Belly Fit. Make my belly fit is a canadian based company that specializes in helpful tools to help you make it through the cold. Whether you are pregnant or postpartum.

The belly fit extender is a soft shell extender that expands your regular jacket for your growing belly or after for your baby! This extender is wind, rain, and snow resistant. I attached the zip adapters in order to fit my jacket! Depending on your jacket you may need the zip adapters! I say get them because then you are able to use the belly fit on all jackets that have a zipper of course 😉 Attaching the zip adapters took some time because I wasn’t exactly sure how to put them on so they matched up. Took a few attempts to get it! I also am wearing the extra warmth layer on the inside to keep Sutton cozy! This extra warmth layer snaps onto the belly fit extender. This whole bundle costs less than $100 which is amazing! It saves hundreds because you don’t have to get a maternity jacket! 

Much love,


Xo Jenna

This post was sponsored by Make My Belly Fit. All my opinions are 100% my own!




Classic Style for Your Littles with Carriage Boutique

I love when I am able to support local, small shops because I feel like I am supporting a family not just a company. When Sheryl from Carriage Boutique contacted me to partner with their online boutique I was so excited! Carriage Boutique specializes in a unique style for littles! This boutique has classic and cute clothing. Continue reading “Classic Style for Your Littles with Carriage Boutique”

Freshly Picked Perfection

I first saw Freshly Picked moccasins on fellow IG accounts while pregnant with Sutton! The quality materials, array of colors and designs! They have it all and keep coming out with more designs! There is really something for every babe! I was so excited to partner with Freshly Picked to share why these adorable moccs are the ultimate baby shoe! Continue reading “Freshly Picked Perfection”

New Year’s Style with Crazy 8

Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone had wonderfully blessed Christmas! We certainly did just came and gone to fast for my liking! However, New Years is right around the corner, who has festive plans for their new years celebration? Getting dolled up and ringing in the new year with my main squeeze sounds tempting but dressing up and celebrating with Harlo and Sutton sounds even better!! I can’t believe we have gone through a whole year already!! Dressing up my girls for holidays and even just for my own mamarazzi photo shoot is the best! Continue reading “New Year’s Style with Crazy 8”