Life Update & Must Have: Lorena Canals Rugs

Playing with my little girl is always an adventure. She turned 6 months three weeks ago and since then she has learned to roll over and is almost sitting on her own. She is eating solid foods once a day at dinner with all of us! Sutton has tried broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, banana and egg yolk. I have a specific sheet that tells me what foods to introduce to due babies tummies and how they digest food. If interested I will definitely blog about it! Sutton has been a low key go with the flow baby! She enjoys rolling around and trying to eat all of the books in her path. Continue reading “Life Update & Must Have: Lorena Canals Rugs”

Pretty Planning with START Planner

Hello Loves!!

After the holidays I get thinking of my new year goals and how I am going to follow through and achieve those goals. I actually am a planner by nature, and thrive on being organized. Hoping this planner will help me to be on time to things.  I mentioned a few posts back about my workout goal for 2017!  A few other goals I have for myself is to grow this fun blog I started, help to educate and share my love of essential oils and to live in the moment with my girls. So often I am thinking and planning other things when playing with Harlo especially. I want Harlo and Sutton to see me putting them first and living in the moment. With my planner to plan and organize myself will leave me so much more time to really BE there for the girls! Continue reading “Pretty Planning with START Planner”

Family Christmas Cards

Christmas CardsIt’s that time of year again to go crazy taking family pictures and finding that perfect snap to place on the a Christmas card of your choosing! Sending Christmas cards can be a lot of work and very expensive! That is why I use Shutterfly every year for my cards! They are affordable and I am able to create any type of Christmas card I want! Here are some great choices! There is still time to send them out-but if you miss Christmas well there are beautiful New Year cards that everyone will enjoy! Continue reading “Family Christmas Cards”


Well this weekend was full of Ho Ho Ho’s, runny noses, and snow! Why can’t there ever be a December without the sneezes sniffles and snots? ha haweekends with the ostrowskis We have been running our Young Living diffuser with Thieves and R.C. to help support little Harlo’s nose and boost her immune system! If you want some of these oils head over here! I am hoping Sutton doesn’t get it but after being sneezed on multiple times a day there is only a small window of hope!;) I also have been putting the thieves on Harlo’s  feet with socks, some breathe easy rub from Honest Company and having her take elderberry syrup!! Annnnd following her around with tissues ha ha ha yep I am that mom 😉bench hangs

So our weekend was fast and chaotic pretty much like most weekends! Saturday we went to the mall to see what I say is the ‘REAL’ Santa because it is the same place I went to see Santa as a kid!! I love the tradition. This year Harlo had no tears just smiles for good ole St. Nick and told him what she wanted for Christmas! (a doll carrier that she can wear) We are at that stage where she wants to mimic everything I do! I love it and never want it to change 🙂 Sutton also did a great job she wasn’t phased one bit! Sunday it snowed ALLLLLLLLLLLL day and we played in for a little bit! Embrace what you do not like! Check out my Instagram snap to see!Sutton with Santa Harlo with Santa Harlo and Daddy in the snow Snow funHot cocoaHarlo's Barney ornamentsnowy kissesminted signature blog

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Our First Snow

Our first snow has arrived! Most find it magical and exciting… well I find it cold and wet! I guess it’s pretty & magical if I’m cozy on the couch and sipping hot cocoa.  Although, watching Harlo dance around and sing it’s snowing, it’s snowing song from Barney outside in the snow made me look at the snow in a different way!weekends with the ostrowskis Continue reading “Our First Snow”

What’s for Dinner?

Happy Friday Lovelies!

This week I thought would go slow being that it came after a Holiday weekend but alas another week gone! Once Thanksgiving is over time goes even faster for me because of all the holiday fun I want to jam into one month! I don’t want to get all holiday crazy so my goal this season is to remember the true meaning of the Season. Now being a mom of two I have been finding it hard to do all the things I use to do. Once you have two kids you realize how much more time you had when there was just one 😉 I am now trying to find simpler ways to do things to allow me more time with my girls! Motherhood is a balancing act and most days I feel I am conquering it and then dinner hour comes and I feel defeated again. What am I going to make? Do I have all my ingredients?

Enter Hello Fresh!Hello Fresh Review Continue reading “What’s for Dinner?”

Our Girls Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving Week Loves!weekend with the ostrowskis

It was a girl’s weekend because Nick went hunting! Thankfully he hunts close to home so he came home for a few hours and went back out. He had no luck this time around hopefully next weekend! He is going to try Pine essential oil because deer are supposed to be attracted to that scent. We will see if it is a success and let you know! Our girl’s weekend consisted of watching Hallmark Christmas movies, Barney Christmas and lots of snuggles and cuddles! We also grocery shopped for Thanksgiving this week! I am hosting this year and my family all brings a few traditional dishes to pass 🙂 This will be Sutton and Penny my sister’s little girl’s FIRST Thanksgiving! So excited to share the firsts with my sister! We always dreamed to have kids together when we were little! It is incredible to have that dream turn reality!!sutton smiling Harlo reading sutton tummy time twinning kisses baby snuggles tea partytummy time

Hope you have a happy, thankful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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Sneak Peak of Our Family Photos

Happy Monday Friends!Mommy and daughter

The weather here in the Midwest could have not been better! Beautiful sunshine and 70 degrees!! That is seriously unheard of here in November! But hey I will take it! We spent Saturday at the park with my sister Justine, and Sunday we took our first family photos as a family of four! Continue reading “Sneak Peak of Our Family Photos”