Keeping Fit and Stylin’

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Hello lovely friends!

The holidays also get me thinking about goals for the next year! One of my goals is one of those popular goals. WORKOUT! I am not starting just to lose baby weight, I have decided just to start for my health now and for my future! I haven’t worked out since getting pregnant with Sutton. I will be essentially starting over and I am open to some fun workouts that y’all do! My hubby is even interested in starting with me! I don’t do crazy workouts and I don’t go to the gym! I like work outs I can do at home and don’t make me want to die! I enjoy yoga and light weight training! Continue reading “Keeping Fit and Stylin’”

What’s for Dinner?

Happy Friday Lovelies!

This week I thought would go slow being that it came after a Holiday weekend but alas another week gone! Once Thanksgiving is over time goes even faster for me because of all the holiday fun I want to jam into one month! I don’t want to get all holiday crazy so my goal this season is to remember the true meaning of the Season. Now being a mom of two I have been finding it hard to do all the things I use to do. Once you have two kids you realize how much more time you had when there was just one 😉 I am now trying to find simpler ways to do things to allow me more time with my girls! Motherhood is a balancing act and most days I feel I am conquering it and then dinner hour comes and I feel defeated again. What am I going to make? Do I have all my ingredients?

Enter Hello Fresh!Hello Fresh Review Continue reading “What’s for Dinner?”

Crunchy Mama Bear Skincare

TheCrunchyMamaBear skincareMany of you know I am a believer in all things non toxic and stay away from heavily chemical products.  I found a mama’s etsy shop dedicated to making all organic yummy skincare! She is a mama on a mission to help bring natural non toxic products to help your family live a healthier life. Continue reading “Crunchy Mama Bear Skincare”