About Me


 Welcome to Sylvia Jade, a look at personal style & life written by Jenna Ostrowski. She started in 2016 looking for a way to express her love of fashion in a creative outlet. Sylvia Jade is now a place for her to showcase her daily life and style.  Now, readers can expect posts ranging from fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, to daily living as a mother of two. Posts are published about three times a week; Sylvia Jade is named after Jenna’s grandma and mom and now are her daughter’s middle names. Sylvia Jade was created to make all girls feel good about expressing yourself and to reflect the every girl. Sylvia Jade readers can expect to see the latest fashion/natural beauty trends as well as how to maintain a healthy balanced life.                


Jenna has been blogging for a year and has worked with many different  companies such as DockAtot, Lorena Canals Rugs, Shein, Romwe, Zaful, Timex, Milksnob, JORD,  and some fun small shops! She currently lives in Milwaukee with her husband and 3 year old daughter Harlow and 6 month old Sutton.