Embracing My Mommy Imperfections

RolemodelI love how my fabulous hubby caught our little girl looking up at me. When doing the day to day “mommying” I miss these great ‘MOMents’ that show me what being a mom is all about.  This is the epitomy of motherhood. Harlo will always be looking up to me and always wanting to do what Mommy does. Sometimes the actions are good and sometimes not so good but it is okay. I will never be perfect but I am doing the best job I can. There are so many comparisons in motherhood that it clouds what truly matters. My little girl isn’t looking at other moms she is looking at me, and what I am doing in her life. Now that I have another little girl on the way it is making me dwelve even deeper into how my actions and thoughts affect my girls. Continue reading “Embracing My Mommy Imperfections”